Sunday, 13 December 2015

“Failures as stepping stones to Success

Dear readers, I am a big fan of yours, it is just that you people read what I write and this is what gives me the motivation to write something that has deep meaning with our life, even though at times it happens that we do not take most of the things very seriously, whereas at other times it also happens that we do take certain things very seriously. The same is the story with Success and Failures that are an important part of one’s life.
It is a very common thought procedure that when we do look at people who have been successful, we see that success has may be some deep relation with these people or may be god has shown some extra blessings for some special people in the world and this creates a sense of insecurity among us and a bad feeling of not having the things that other people have, Even though this is a natural human feeling but it has a lot to do with the overall mentality of an individual and the motivation levels that reside in us.
Failures are essential part of life and are simply a consequence of an effort made by an individual as far as performance of given task or activity is considered. Every action does by an individual will either lead to success or failure, but in case if it is a failure it simply means that you need to give an additional try
with better efforts and you need to overcome the flaws that were absent in the previous attempt. But we people do create this as an issue that has a strong impact on the brain of an individual and the pressure keeps on piling up. The extent of pressure goes on increasing with time and reaches up to a level when a person feels so much frustrated that he loses the ability to take any extra pressure, this is known as the breakeven point of an individual and the saddest part in today’s scenario is that this breakeven point has reached a very low state and people are not able to take failures positively, which is resulting in creation of a lot of negativity among individuals and this is the reason that things seem to be more difficult and challenging even more than they are.
are humans and we are not perfect and not even a single person exists on this earth that has not faced failure. The main thing here to realize is that failure may be defined as a pre success step. In order to be successful an individual needs to learn, implement, fail, learn and then succeed. But it is the lack of patience in individuals that make them hyper as far as attainment of success is considered, in this fast moving life we people have lost the importance of patience that was taught to us by our elders and this is the reason that in this modern lifestyle the number of cases related to depression and suicides are rising. We people are unknowingly spoiling this precious life just on account of small failures that are nothing but a part of the day to day routine. So here comes the need for an individual to realize that failures are stepping stones to success and the biggest fact is that success is incomplete without having proper knowledge about the task that you are going to perform. Still if a person fails, then it is clear that the knowledge part is incomplete and the person needs to put more effort with more concentration and the process of gaining more knowledge must go on until and unless the person overcomes the failures. This approach will not only help an individual to stay focused but will remove the useless complexities that individuals create around themselves when it comes to dealing with problems in life. There is a philosophy that I consider and put in my life, and it stands as” What you see is not important, but more important is how you see”. It is all about the vision, one should be very particular with his attitude as far as life is considered, if the vision is clear and concentrated the person will surely achieve the goal one fine day. Our failure does not lie in not succeeding a given situation but the ultimate failure lies in giving up and not trying on a given thing or situation, According to me failure is more an internal feeling rather than an external condition and one needs to understand this thing if the person is really concerned about succeeding in life.
Failures are the stepping stones that have an aim to move an individual a step closer to success as if failures did not existed, success would not have been success and the charm and happiness of attaining it could not have been celebrated, success is an achievement that is attained through patience and consistent efforts without eventually being worried about the results. We people must only concentrate only about the effort part as this is the only act that lies in our own hands and there is nothing that could be done to get the desired results. The aim should always be towards attaining perfection in whatever is being done and once this perfection is attained, success will be automatically yours.
This is what success mantras is all about, it is all about the fighting spirit one should have, it is all about re defining yourself, because you all have the strength and the quality, it’s just a direction is required…..
It is not so that I am a great scholar to write these positive things, it is just that when I write so, I feel motivated and I feel as if I am practically discussing things in real time with my readers, because all my readers are my strength, it is you the readers who motivate me to write and stay positive, I am just sharing a part of positivity generated from all of you…….. Thanks…….
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